Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Online Public Personal Profile

After chatting with Grace Hume about CVs and Profiles it got me thinking more about my own. Today I have finally managed to write a public personal profile to display on my online pages which I am beginning to feel happy with. While I am not happy about how it looks on my blog, I am happy with how it looks on my Google+ profile. Due to the main focal point of my blog being the posts, my profile (About Me) is squashed in the right hand side and has forced the layout to be jagged, a sacrifice I had to make because I did not want to alter the layout of my blog posts. On my google+ profile, it has a specific box and is clear and easy to read.

Here is my first attempt at my online personal profile:

"I graduated from Northern Ballet School after studying their classical course for 3 years. I am trained to the highest level in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, double work and I can learn any other style taught to me. I enjoy all styles of dance. 
For the past 8 years, after graduating at 19, I have worked for cruise companies as a Dancer, Dance Captain and Production Manager. I have traveled around the world and seen some incredible places, cultures and people. I have learnt the basics of some other languages and enjoying using them when I have the chance. I am reliable, punctual, helpful and organised. I am also very good at taking rehearsals for cleaning, re-blocking, tech runs and teaching choreography. I am a very fast leaner and can retain choreography and perform it immediately. I have experience in time management, people management and communicating between my team and others I am working with. I am able to solve and negotiate problems and am open minded to others' ideas. I enjoy working as part of a team but I am also able to work on my own using my own initiative and imagination. 
I have some teaching experience in tap, ballet and jazz, mostly private lesson for children. I also have experience in teaching ballet classes for professional dancers on board cruise ships. I was team leader for my group on the Outreach project when I was at Northern Ballet School and studying for my Diploma in Professional Dance.
I am currently studying to gain my BA (HONS) in Professional Practice (ARTS) at Middlesex University."

I am sure there is still room for improvement and I feel like it is a little on the long side but when writing an online profile, one can never be sure who is going to read it or when, so it is best to display as much as possible so that it is available all the time to everyone. 

I have mentioned some of my skills but I also have skills in costume repairs, basic costume alterations, basic costume making, set and prop repairs. These have been useful skills during my career and I am sure they will continue to be in the future. Should I not add that in too?

I can adapt this profile to incorporate into my CV. At present it is far too long and perhaps I can create another sub category in my CV for skills to shorten the personal profile. On a CV that is personalised I can put only what is relevant to that specific company but with an online CV, who can say what is relevant at any given point? 

Is it a good idea to add hobbies? After my research into employers screening employees' social media sites, http://norakathleenmccabe.blogspot.pt/2016/02/mondays-breeze-session-assessment-in.html, listing one's hobbies shows what one does in one's spare time and shows another dimension of one's personality that my research has shown employers to be interested in knowing before issuing invitations for an interview, or granting employment.

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